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How to videos and user manual download

For all the work we have done to ensure the RyRy Scallop is one of the safest seats on the market you still need to fit it correctly.
The manual should be kept with your car seat in the pocket in the rear of the seat with the top-tether.
You can access our fit guide to check that your car is suitable.
If you prefer to avoid reading the dreaded user manual, you can watch our How To Videos;



Who is RyRy?

RyRy is our daughter, full name of Ryleigh, ironically by the time the RyRy Scallop was launched she had grown too big to ever use one, but Emilia her sister has one and Rafferty her brother, will grow into one in due course!

What age group is the RyRy Scallop designed for?

The RyRy Scallop is designed to accommodate a child between 76-105cm (roughly 15 months – 4/5 years old) and no heavier than 18kg

How safe is it?

The RyRy Scallop may be small and compact but that didn’t mean we were willing to compromise on safety. The RyRy Scallop adheres to the latest EU R129 certification which supersedes the more common, but less stringent, EU R44 guidelines. It may sound like a cure for insomnia, but R129 means not only is the seat tested for front and rear impact but also side impact. It is currently the highest level of safety on the market.

Will it fit with my car?

The seat is classified as i-Size and will fit with any car that is fitted with the isofix, which has been standard in European cars since November 2012.

Can I fit three across the back seat?

Yes, if your rear seat has middle isofox anchor point together with a top tether fixing or a 3-point seatbelt. Please check with your vehicle manufacturer if you are unsure. At only 40cms wide, the RyRy Scallop is as narrow as the current guidelines permit, the narrowest car seat on the market.

Can the RyRy Scallop be taken on-board a plane as hand luggage?

Depends on who you fly with. If you are on a budget airline, you’re lucky to get yourself on, never mind a bag! However, with the scheduled airlines you should be OK but check with the airlines website first. Remember the dimensions are 52 x 40 x 25cm and it weighs approximately 9kg.

At the very least, you can always drop it in the hold which is free of charge with most airlines – but remember to disconnect the back straps and place in the travel bag.

Is the cover washable?

Wipe clean with a damp cloth whenever possible. However, we recognise there are times when a damp cloth just won’t wash, so an infrequent, cold, gentle wool machine wash will do it no harm. Just remember this is wool you are dealing with, so no blasting in the tumble dryer, let the seat cover dry naturally. Refer to the wash care label on the rear of the seat cover for more information.

What is pilling?

Wool can ‘pill’. Pilling are those little balls you get when your sweater has been rubbed against something. It is perfectly natural but in order to keep up appearances, we would recommend brushing with a pilling comb to remove as and when required.

Which countries do RyRy Compact ship to?

Anywhere! But remember the seat is designed to European safety standards. These differ to the US for example, so if you are reading this in Arizona with the Ford F150 in the driveway, this isn’t the car seat for you. By all means email us if you have any concerns at

How many days after a purchase do I have to make a return?

If you wish to return the product and gain a full refund, you need to return it to RyRy Compact within 14 days of purchase. It needs to be in the original box and unused! Returning it covered in crumbs and last week’s packed lunch is poor form!

If your product is damaged, faulty, or you have received an incorrect product, we will refund or replace at our cost. Please email us at to start the returns process.

How long is the warranty for RyRy Compact products?

The warranty lasts for 24 months from date of purchase, remember to register at Club RyRy and keep your proof of purchase.

How do I fit it in my car?

There is a user manual in the back seat compartment which explains the various fitting procedures.  However if you prefer a good watch, rather than a good read, you can watch the How To Videos for the isofix and top-tether fitting or the isofix and seatbelt fittings.


What do I do if I need the car seat repairing?

Well hopefully you won’t, but if you do, contact us and we will organise for the seat to be returned to us and our engineering team will repair your seat where possible. Please email us at

How quickly do you ship?

Shipping is free of charge and we aim to deliver within 72 hours of receipt of order for the UK.  For the EU post Brexit, things may take a little longer and will carry delivery charges and duty.  Costs are automatically calculated at checkout.

What do I do with the seat if we have been in an accident?

These seats are designed for single impact use. Any impact could weaken seat. The damage could be non-visible and internal, so please if you are unfortunate enough to be in an accident, no matter how minor, then you should replace the seat immediately.

Any further questions?

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“Designed not just with safety and portability in mind, the RyRy Scallop doesn’t compromise when it comes to style and sustainability.”
“Safe enough for everyday use, yet compact enough to travel with you in style wherever you are in the world.”